E-Bike Cycling Tours

Who We Are?

About Moss E-Bikes

Moss E-Bikes is a young company based in Mossel Bay. With so many E-Bike parts and suppliers in the market we had to explore and test a number of units that will work well in South African conditions. This goes without saying parts not just mechanically, but also electrical components are sourced and fitted by trained and experienced staff members.
Moss E-Bikes models cater for a wide range of applications. Not only for personal use but also business use.

We offer you:
• Great riding experience not just on our beach tours but your own E-Bike.
• Peace of mind on our products.
• World class after sales service.
• Value for money.
• Exceptional advice.
• Availability of spares ( Battery, Tyres, Hardware)
• Unparallel back-up service and support ( Collection for Service and Repairs )           

At Moss E-Bikes we want young and old to enjoy the great outdoors like never before!

E-Bike Sun Rise and Sun Set Tours

Join us for the perfect Sun Rise or Sun Set on the Southern Cape Coast line.

Culinary & Creative Tours (On Request)

Tours are based of the same Beach Tour routs with the option of adding a picnic,Gin making or even a food truck to your group’s bike ride.

Corporate Packages for Team Building

Let Moss E-Bike help build team spirit or just let off some steam with one of our E-Bike tours on the beach.